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Hangar 2 @ Lowry

Hangar 2 has an "historic" solar power system. The three rows of solar panels simulate the original skylights on this Landmark historic building. This Building-Integrated-Photo-Voltaic system is the Solar Symbol for the Lowry Community, an internationally-acclaimed redevelopment of the 1,800 acre Lowry Air Force Base. It is one of the largest and most visible examples of BIPV in the United States. This prominent solar symbol also identifies the headquarters for the Colorado Regional Office of Martifer Solar USA, the system's installer.

Hartman Ely Investments LLC, System Developer and Part-Owner
James Hartman, Concept Architect
Martifer Solar USA, EPC Contractor


Location: Denver, Colorado
Project Size: 106 kW
Project Cost: $498,000
Status: Completed 2010