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Grand Lowry Lofts

Grand Lowry Lofts was the first project completed in the Lowry Town Center as part of its new master plan. This project created a vibrant rental loft community of 261 units within the 1939 historic headquarters building for the Lowry Air Force Base. Grand Lowry Lofts is now a key anchor for the historic core and landmark district at the heart of the entire 1,800 acre Lowry Community. The project was financed with a grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund, a bond from the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, a Denver and Colorado Housing Authority loans, historic preservation tax credits, low income housing tax credits, and owner equity.
James Hartman was Vice President of Design and Construction for National Properties, the project’s developer in partnership with Forest City Development.

National Properties and Forest City Development, Developers
Jim Hartman of National Properties, Concept Architect and Development Manager
Christopher Carvell Architects, Architect of Record
Forest City Construction, Contractor


Location: Denver Colorado
Project Size: 338,000 GSF
Project Cost: $27.000,000
Status: Completed 2000