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Community-owned Solar Arrays
Community-owned solar arrays are a unique, new concept that uses a large, centrally located solar power plant to serve many community members. The array is connected to the community's electricity system and indirectly provides energy for homes, offices, farms and other facilities. Any community member that wants to participate can purchase a part of the array and receive credit on their monthly utility bill for the solar electricity produced by their part. A community solar array provides clean, renewable energy and a hedge against rising energy costs.

Hartman Ely Investments (HEI) joined forces with the
Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to bring community-owned solar power to many states ‚Äčand was the Clean Energy Collective's (CEC) equity investor for the first community-owned solar arrays in Vermont, New Mexico and Northern Colorado and was the concept architect for the array on Hangar 2 at Lowry in Denver, CO.

Windsor, Colorado. 116 KW
Putney, Vermont.
154 KW
Taos, New Mexico. 99 KW