Hartman Ely Investments
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About Us

Hartman Ely Investments LLC is a development, investment and property management firm that specializes in urban redevelopment, sustainable development and renewable energy. HEI’s related company, Hartman Ely Architecture LLC provides design services for HEI developments.

In addition, HEI has extensive experience with transit oriented and environmentally responsible development. A major force behind all of HEI’s and HEA’s work is a passion to help mitigate global climate change and to help communities become more energy independent.

Some of Hartman Ely Investment's most notable work is the planning and implementation of several developments in the Lowry Community, an internationally acclaimed redevelopment of approximately 1,800 acres created from the decommissioned Lowry Air Force Base in Denver. These developments include Hangar 2, the Steam Plant community including Steam Plant Lofts, Steam Plant Row Homes, Patio Homes and Parkside, Total Longterm Care, Grand Lowry Lofts, Officers’ Row LoftHomes, Luce.

Since 2007, Hartman Ely Investments has expanded its focus on Renewable Energy. During that time, HEI has managed the design and construction for many solar energy developments. These include a 1 megawatt development for the City of Boulder’s Wastewater Treatment Facility (the largest solar energy system in Boulder County), a 106 kW system for Hangar 2, a 111 kW system for Total Longterm Care in Lowry and several smaller facilities in Lowry and Boulder.

A key part of HEI’s business philosophy is strategic partnerships with other firms, to form a uniquely qualified team for each development opportunity.This partnership approach allows Jim Hartman’s extensive involvement in each development, better quality and lower cost services than most other development firms. Hartman Ely Architecture LLC provides design services for our developments. Some examples of HEI’s partners include Larimer Associates, Heitler Development, Harvard Communities, Martifer Solar USA.

Additionally, Jim Hartman’s extensive experience and skill with conceptual design, budgeting and scheduling is a tremendous asset in the early stages of any development. HEI and HEA can quickly analyze several options and create designs, budgets and schedules for any site or program that allows a landowner or entity to select the best option with minimal cost in the early due diligence or RFP phases.